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The New Man! The Das Boom Man!

The best way to show that you are a man is to feel and smell like a man. Firstly, how does a man smell? We could discuss it over and over for ages, what should a man smell like. Now think about this for a second. “Bay Rum, Smoke & Dirt”. Seeing those words together, the first question one will ask is, ‘Why would I want to smell like Bay Rum, Smoke & Dirt’? Or if a man should say to his woman, “Honey, you know the body wash, soap and lotion I used this morning is Bay Rum Smoke & Dirt scented?’ I am sure the look on her face would be nothing short of “what did you just say?!”

When I received the samples from Das Boom Industries, and I looked on the scents for the products I thought to myself, no way does these make any sense. After using them, I feel in love. I mentioned Bay Rum, Smoke & Dirt earlier, because it is the weirdest combination, but ended up being my favorite. I didn’t know smelling like that would smell that good and manly. I had females asking me what scent is your cologne, in response; “I am not wearing cologne, it’s a set of body wash, soap and lotion…” then here is the interesting part: “its Bay Rum, Smoke & Dirt”. Now I get that surprising look then… “OMG you smell so good, so manly! Wow”.

After getting stopped a number of times, and women totally obsessing with the scents, I was totally in love with every product in the collection. The ones I’ve tried so far are Bay Rum, Smoke & Dirt – Bourbon & Leather and Yuzu, Shiso & Saffron. They all come as a package of Body Wash, Soap & Lotion; also available individually.

Apart from the smell, the lotion is silky soft, very light in texture, easily applied without any residue or build up. At first it feels as if it is too light, and will just evaporate. But after a few minutes, if you should touch your skin it’s unbelievable how soft and moist your skin feels. The amazing thing about it is, you don’t need to wear cologne, and the scent is that strong and long lasting.


Caution: wearing Das Boom will surely have the ladies stopping you, then you will have to tell them the scent you are wearing. P.S it makes for a great icebreaker or way to start a conversation with a female. She will surely be smiling after hearing the scents and will surely continue the conversation.

This is a perfect Male gift for the holidays; it will surely make the man/men in your life feeling confident and feeling like a man. If you are a man who is trying to impress that one female, or visiting your mom and sisters for the holiday, get it!

You can purchase at http://dasboomind.com/