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One-on-One | Joby Bach

Joby is from Montreal Canada, she have been modeling for 5 years at Montage Models. Joby have been a standout and inspirational Plus Model for years, she has been influencing the current rise of other plus models in having confidence in their body and stand beside the famed “High Fashion” Models.

I got the chance to do a one-on-one interview with Joby, I got some amazing insights from her about the world of Plus Modeling! Hope you enjoy!

Kaneo: Congratulations on your Elléments Magazine Cover. The images came out awesome! How do you feel about being the cover model for a very popular & loved season as Valentine’s Day? And how was your experience on set shooting for the cover. Joby: Very Very Honored! I’ve been following this Magazine for a very long time, I find it distinguished itself by the quality of the pictures and I am actually very nervous being the cover (Laugh). Shooting for the valentines ‘day was fun, People on set, was extremely involved and Passionate. I felt that everyone knew what needed to be done. Everything went smoothly.

You are now the first plus size model to grace the cover of Elléments Magazine! What does it means to you, and what effect you think it will have on other plus size models? Its Huge, I am simply ecstatic about the idea being the first Plus size model on your cover. Basically it will open doors for all kinds of possibilities. I believe it will definitely motivate other curvy women, to show themself with much more confidence and I simply feel grateful for being an Image that represents that kind of liberation.

To begin, what was your drive and inspiration to be a plus size model in a fashion industry that caters mainly to high fashion models. When I was young, the fashion magazines always fascinated me; fashion shows like VICTORIA’S SECRET EVENTS on TV. So I tried everything unimaginable and possible to fit myself in that mold to transform myself like the rest of skinny women in the fashion industry, that Obviously Failed, I almost got sick trying. So at this point, I had given up until I found someone who actually accepted me for the look and the way that I was at the time and that triggered in me a change that I would go after my dream regardless of not being HIGHFASHION STANDARD. I knew in my heart it was possible.

Speaking of the term “plus-size”: Do you take any issue with it?

Honestly I prefer the term: Curvy, But to answer your question, the answer is NO. It does not bother me. I realize they had to find a name to distinguish 2 categories.


Since you began your modeling career, do you feel that the industry has gradually embraced plus-size more? Absolutely, we see more and more ads with plus size in it on TV and Magazines.

I know it must have been a journey, are there specific women who have inspired you to embrace your curves? To me the importance of being curvy is one thing, But to be curvy and FIT appealed to me more. That’s why I looked up to COCO AUSTIN physically speaking and also, Jennifer Lopez at the time when she played SELENA.

You, as well as other high profile plus-size models, have helped bring body diversity to the industry. But do you think there still needs to be more? Hell yeah lol. I hope that renowned photographers would also seek and approach us with projects, ideas, concepts and high-line contracts. I cannot wait to see when all the magazines will jump on the bandwagon and also display curvy women in each of their magazines, I can not wait to show the world the fire that burns in me and work with those who are able to capture it.

I am totally in love with the French Language and the fashion culture, is there anything about being French that makes you special as a model and in extension, a plus size model? Yes lol. Clients and fans love it.

To be honest, a lot of persons find it sexy despite me being shy with my pronunciation!! (Laugh)

Describe your style; consider everything from favorite designer, to color, to era? I must admit that the 90’s fashion was very strong but I have no preferences. I like the evolution.

I am the kind of woman that is very laid back. I love to wear colors that blends in. Black, grey, white, brown, and sometimes red. I usually wear, yoga pants, running shoes, sport jackets, hoodies, t-shirts but when Its time to dress up I am able to produce a POW-EFFECT (laugh). My favorite designers overall are : La perla, Vera Wang, Viktor and Rolf.

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time?

Work out, meditating, writing, walking outside, listen to motivating videos and in my free time I am a MEDIA QUEEN! I love to promote myself lol

What are some of your most memorable moments as a Model? My most memorable moments was with EMMA LINGERIE .It was a televise fashion show.

If you had one wish to have something or achieve a goal in your modeling career what would that be? To be the first plus size model to shoot high fashion for famous designers.

If you had the chance to say one statement to all plus size models out there what would you tell them in one sentence? Be stubborn but not lazy.







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