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Dale Noelle – True Model Management

Dale Noelle is the founder and president of TRUE Model Management. For years Noelle was the busiest fit model in the fashion industry and  worked with almost every significant designer and clothing retailer, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, Victoria’s Secret and The Gap, to name a few.   Most garments that Noelle fits resulted in higher sales and less returns for major brands so her client roster grew until she was working upwards of 14 hours a day – everyday.

I set industry standards and my success as a model led me to opening my own model management company, TRUE.  Our firm is growing exponentially and has blossomed into a full service model management company. Through TRUE, I am involved in several projects to increase the manufacturing of garments in the US and am involved in many philanthropic endeavors to empower women and girls.

Noelle is a health coach, have trained talent to be some of the most sought after models in the industry and she teaches at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Being a Model & Health/Fitness expert, what have been your greatest moments and memories throughout your career?

Some of my career highlights were:  Working directly with the late Oleg Cassini to fit his final collection, fitting in Europe and Asia with Michael Kors and working with Tommy Hilfiger and his financiers Lawrence Stroll and Silas Chou in Hong Kong for Tommy Hilfiger’s first women’s collection, being Oscar de la Renta’s and many other famous designers fit model for many years.  As a nutrition and fitness expert, I have guided individuals to have more balanced and healthy lifestyles, improve energy and strengthen and tone their bodies.


How did you get started with True Model Management? What is the concept or motto behind the agency?

During my career as a model, clients were always seeking substitutes for me when I was unavailable and often asked me to help them find new talent.  My friends and business associates were always looking for more work so I recruited and trained others to work with many of my accounts. Requests for introductions to quality models by numerous colleagues increased until it was a natural transition to open an agency. TRUE currently represents female and male fit models, as well as showroom, trade show, print, runway and commercial talent around the world. “TRUE fits the best”.

What would be your advice to young models that are looking to get signed with an agency?

A model is literally her/his own business so a career in this field must be approached with a sense of professionalism and a positive, resilient attitude. To become a successful model, an individual must devote effort, time, commitment, patience – and usually some financial investment in portfolio images and wardrobe to capture the attention of top agents and clients.  Models should maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle, always arrive early to appointments, be dressed appropriately, and have a cheerful disposition and portfolio pictures in hand. Agents can develop a model but they must know that a model is passionate, reliable and taking a career in modeling seriously. Agencies make investments in models so they are looking for individuals who personify the images that clients often request for jobs and strive to work with models long-term.

Do you represent fashion/runway models or do you represent models of all sizes? If you do represent plus models what is the importance or need to push plus size models in the industry?

TRUE represents all sizes and categories of models – including runway models and plus-size models. One of our runway models was just featured on Project Runway and TRUE was also voted Full-Figured Agency of the year in 2013. Over half of American women are over a size 14 and demanding the same fashion representation as their missy counterparts.  The plus industry is expanding at a rapid rate to meet this need and the demand for plus talent has never been greater.  We are proud to offer some of the best models in the industry.

How do you go about choosing models to represent and what are the important things that determine you representing a model?

Every employee at TRUE has worked in the fashion industry for many years and we have close ties with the most influential names in the business, including Calvin Klein, DKNY, GAP, Ralph Lauren, Prabal Gurung, Zac Posen, Vera Wang and Victoria Secret – to name a few clients to whom TRUE markets models.  We have a finger on the pulse of clients’ needs and we assess models from all angles.  TRUE’s team has the ability to understand clients’ requests and match them with the best professional models.  If a model fits all the external criteria that our clients are seeking (height, size, shape, etc.), we assess the model from an internal perspective… Is the model, honest, professional, well-educated, hardworking, passionate and dedicated?   Models with longevity in the business are usually a pleasure to work with, dependable and consistent.  Integrity and a good heart, go a long way.

What are some key tips and advices you would like to share with young women who wants to take a step to living a healthy life?

Sleep well, practice deep breathing techniques and incorporate physical exercise into daily life, such as walking more often and going up and down stairs instead of taking elevators, lift grocery bags, etc. Eat healthy food and cut out all processed and fried food as well as soft drinks. Drink ample amounts of high Ph water and increase your consumption of vegetables.