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Ashley Chennel

Ashley Chennel is a beauty, fashion, lifestyle blogger, entrepreneur and television personality. She started her YouTube channel shortly after graduating from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. After interning in television and radio she started to focus on branding herself as a household beauty brand. Ashley started out filming videos about the different hair extensions brands she liked. That later led to makeup tutorials and fashion videos. Once she developed for brands she began to film sponsored videos for different brands as well as products she bought on her own. Ashley started her own hair extensions brand because her subscribers were always asking about reliable hair companies to buy hair from. She wanted to be able to provide quality hair extensions for her subscribers. Ashley is currently in the process of expanding her brand and becoming a television personality. Last year she started her blog “Ashley Chennel Beauty ” where she  features products from different brands.

Join me as I give you an inside look  into the beautiful life and career of an amazing beauty blogger, “Ashley Chennel”.

What is your background in Television and YouTube in relation to beauty?

My first television internship was at the Rachael Ray show back in 2011. After that I went on to intern at VH1, and BET’s 106 and Park. I’ve always wanted to work in television but I wasn’t exactly sure I wanted to do. It was at the Rachael Ray show that I realized I wanted to be a television personality. I watched Rachel’s work ethic and it inspired me to become an entrepreneur and TV personality. I used to come to the show wearing jewelry that I had made at home because I was a broke college student. I had a job but I spent most of my money going back and forth to intern in NYC. I worked closely with the art director at the show and she would always compliment me on my accessories and sense of style. I would sometimes wear old vintage pieces of my grandmothers and I made sure I was well put together no matter where I interned. The art director introduced me to Rachael’s stylist and they bought some of the jewelry I had made for Rachael to wear on the show. That inspired me to start my own jewelry line my jewelry was in a store for a little while but didn’t really take off the way I wanted it to. After that I turned to YouTube and I started filming hair, reviews, makeup tutorials, fashion videos, and tutorials on how to revamp old jewelry. It wasn’t until my channel started to grow an audience that I started filming videos on a more frequent basis. I didn’t start filming in depth makeup tutorials until I started to develop a love for makeup. Once my channel grew and became popular that’s when the opportunity to appear on Jerseylicious came along. I also developed a relationship with a popular shoe store here in NJ called stilettos. I began to film fashion videos for them and I also had the pleasure of starting Stilettos TV where I interview top shoe designers for them. Working with stilettos I had the opportunity to meet designers like Jeffery Campbell and Steve Madden. I also have interviews on mine and stilettos YouTube channel with the designers of London Trash and Luichiny shoes. I even appeared in a commercial for Stilettos that aired on VH1, BET, and E1. In the future I would like to have my own talk show similar to a Rachael Ray style talk show but geared more towards my generation. With shows like The Real, and The Talk out I definitely believe it’s possible.

What are your greatest achievements and what popular TV shows have you worked on?

So far the only show I have worked on other than my internships has been Jerseylicious. I was on the reunion episode for season 5 as a commentator. That was a fun experience. I also attended a few other tapings for that show during season 6.

Apart from being a beauty expert, what are your other major passions, how have they all tied in to make you one brand?

My major goal is to have my own talk show, makeup brand, and clothing line. I already started with my hair extensions brand but I would love to be a household name one day. I would say a mix of Jessica Simpson, Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart.

How would you describe your style? Consider anything and everything from color to historical eras and more.

I am definitely and old soul. I am 80s baby but my style is a mix of old Hollywood vintage with a bit of a 90’s twist. My favorite makeup look is an old Hollywood makeup look. As far as fashion two people’s styles I have kind of always mimicked were JLO and Aaliyah. I love when JLO is all glammed up. I loved Aaliyah’s tom boy style in the 90’s. I was a tomboy growing up so in my early years I really looked up to her. Now that I am a grown woman I like to keep my makeup simple, but glam. I love knee boots and fur coats in the winter. When I want more of a relaxed look I like to wear timberlands with cute jeans or tights, with a cute sweater and t-shirt. I’ve really been into to crop tops lately with a cute skirt or high waisted pants. I like to dress for what looks good on my body.

Being in a fast paced, ‘never-sleep’ industry, what is a typical day in your life like?

I usually start my day with prayer and just thanking God for giving me another day. I am usually dealing with customers and processing orders for my business throughout the entire day. Having your own brand is a 24hr job. I even wake up out of my sleep in the middle of the night to answer emails from other brands and customers questions about hair. I try and come up with ideas for future videos when I have downtime. I am always brainstorming and thinking of ways to take my brand to the next level. I rarely get full nights sleep but it’s all worth it. On top of all of that I have been at my regular job for 8 years working a full time 40 hr shift with individuals that have developmental disabilities. I love my job because I get to help people and make a difference in someone else’s life.

What are some of your greatest moment and rewards since you started your beauty YouTube channel?

My greatest moment was receiving a hand written letter to my PO Box. It was just a nice heartfelt letter from a subscriber. It really made me feel good because someone actually took the time to write me a letter with pen and paper. That really touched me because she could have easily sent me an email but she didn’t. She actually wrote me a letter bought a stamp and mailed it. It’s the small things like that that I appreciate. My subscribers mean the world to me. Their kind words really get me through my day. I have accomplished a lot over the past three years and worked for some major people but I appreciate the fact that I can help change someone life more than anything. I enjoy giving back.

Tell us 3 things about your life or career that the general audience or your fanbase doesn’t know about you?

I am a very organized person. I am actually a perfectionist. I get really bad anxiety when things don’t go as planned. I almost obsessive over things going right with my brand and my life. One life lesson I am learning is that things don’t always go as planned so when they don’t I’m learning to not freak out and get anxiety. I also have a secret love for home decor. If I could chose another career I’d have my own TV show on HGTV flipping homes and decorating them. I have an obsession with real-estate! I actually like to look at homes before and after they are renovated as a hobby. My aunt has a real-estate company so sometimes I get to go look at homes.

Between the last 2 years how has your career changed? What major steps have you taken and how was that experience?

I finished interning about 3 years ago. Since then I have appeared in a TV commercial, the hit Style Network show Jerseylicous and my blog and YouTube channel have grown tremendously. I would say I have been truly blessed. Things seem to just fall into place and the right people have come into my life for these opportunities to happen. I have worked very hard over the years to get to where I am. I did not have overnight success and I am still in the beginning stages of my career. I know that this is meant to be because extraordinary things seem to happen for me but not without hard work and dedication. I would say the most rewarding thing I have accomplished was starting my own hair extensions brand. I have been blessed to have family, friends, and my subscribers in my corner that truly believe in me and are willing to push me to keep going.

Just for Elléments Magazine’s reader base and for everyone who will read this feature, please prove a beauty tip on how to create a flawless face/look that will last from the second the woman walks away from the vanity mirror until she clocks out of work.

To make my makeup last all day I Always use my spin for perfect skin brush to deep cleanse my face. I have combination oily skin. I always seem to get really oily in my T-zone so I like to use an oil free primer before applying my foundation. After priming my face, I apply my foundation. Then I go in with a concealer and setting powder to set my foundation and concealer. I always end my routine with some sort of Makeup setting spray. I prefer Model in a Bottle makeup setting spray. This is Guaranteed to make your makeup last all day from morning until night.

If you could change anything about the beauty world right now, what would it be?

We now live in the world of social media where people can be anything they want to be on social media. Many people are not living the life they portray on the Internet. I would encourage girls to be themselves and live their own lives. Everyone’s standard of beauty is different. I would say don’t compare your beauty or life to your favorite YouTube Beauty guru or instagram beauty blogger. We all have our own path and our own talents. I have seen this going on a lot in the YouTube industry. Many Beauty bloggers compare their success to someone else’s. Know that your opportunities and your blessings are for you and theirs are for them. Never compare your standard of beauty and what looks like success to someone else’s. At the end of the day love who you are and be proud of it! Everyone is not meant to be a famous beauty blogger. Anyone can buy a camera and film a makeup tutorial be it has to be meant to be. I would say find what makes you happy and do that.

One advice to rookie beauty enthusiasts on how to be successful in the industry and lead their life to a well rounded Beauty Professional.

The first thing I would say to anyone aspiring to be a beauty professional is to love what you do and believe in yourself. Never give up on something your truly believe in. If you don’t believe in yourself no one else will. If you feel beautiful on the inside it will show on the outside. Speak things into existence. As I said in the previous question we all have or own paths to follow. When it comes to YouTube if you are going to become a beauty blogger I would say film genuine videos, invest in a good camera, lighting etc. Subscribers can tell when you genuinely love a product or if you are just filming a video because you were paid or sent a free product. If you’d like to work with other brands and land sponsorships you have to take it very seriously. Your attitude and how you carry yourself make a huge difference when it comes to working with brands. Be positive and always be professional.

How can the public contact you for business, advice or to follow you on social media?

I can be reached through email ashleychennelbeauty@gmail.com My PO box is listed on my channel and underneath all my videos. Twitter- Mzashleychennel Youtube: Ashley Chennel Beauty Instagram: Ashley Chennel Beauty Facebook: Ashley Chennel