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Amir Taghi A/W 2014 Women’s Collection

As it gets closer to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week I am on the lookout for the most appealing Designers that will present a collection that will capture the eyes of Fashion lovers. With so many different designers on the scene, pointing out the ones that you think will turn heard can be quite a challenge; after seeing the A/W 2014 Collection of Amir Taghi, it was quite easy. I love this collection! Amir’s designs personifies luxury and Sophistication.

Inspired by the gentle seduction of his Persian culture and the simple elegance of his female muses, 18 year-old designer Amir Taghi, has presented a collection of unapologetic luxury and sophistication. The self-taught designer opened his first atelier in 2012 in Houston, TX, paying homage to a lineage of fashion clothiers, outfitting an esteemed group of southern socialites and dignitaries. In the wake of a successful show with renowned luxury retailer Tooties, and a partnership with designer David Peck, the Amir Taghi Atelier revels in preparation for the industry’s most prevalent dais, New York Fashion Week.

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