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Camille Rose Naturals: Holiday hair Hydration!

Tis the season to be hydrated! .

When I first received the Camille Rose coconut water line I was so excited, I popped open the products immediately took a sniff off the ‘coconutty’ goodness! It was indeed divine!

During this Cold winter Season our hair needs that extra oomph of Hydration .The best Products for that is Camille Rose Naturals, The Essence Readers’ Choice Awarded Products 2014. It delivers just the right dose of all the necessary components to make your mane deeply hydrated.

With penetrating natural moisturizers like Shea Butter, Coconut Water and natural oils, Camille Rose Naturals definitely delivers maximum moisture and shine in a light-weight formula your hair will love.

Camille Rose Naturals is a perfect addition to your daily hair ritual and gifts for the holidays. It’s great for all hair types, even extensions, which gets really dry during the Cold season. Products such as the Coconut water leave-in treatment has a silky texture, and is purse worthy for those moments you need to re hydrate your curls and waves during the day. If you are always on the go like me, hopping from train to train, scurrying to meetings and doing long walks to casting calls, it is a painful thing if your hair or extensions looks thirsty .I just love the Coconut water leave-in conditioner it is a life saver.

For washdays, I tried the Coconut water penetrating treatment, I used it as a deep conditioner and I must say Essence magazine readers chose well. Your hair smells sweet and ‘Coconutty’ like a Dreamy island vacation. It quenched my thirsty tresses and extensions and made both my natural hair and extension super soft and hydrated. oh did I mention its smells so delicious! That’s last time I promise.

Camille Rose. A complete hair care system. Shop their Christmas collection visit www.camillerosenaturals.com.

Products I’ve tried 

Coconut Water Leave in treatment

Coconut Water Penetrating Conditioner.

After first Use 

Hair felt stronger, silkier ,softer , deeply hydrated and had a natural shine.

Products are lightweight and do not leave any unwanted residue or sticky feel.

TreshaMae’s Ratings: 100 Warmed Hearts 

Warming Hearts,

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