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Best Product in the world? Bioxidea Regenerating Skincare System

I absolutely agree !!! Bioxidea has proven to be in the top best products in the world .

Bioxidea Cosmetics USA was founded in 2008. Since then, its founders have been devoted to creating the most effective and advanced beauty products available in the world.

I have used so many organic based and home concoctions over the years as apart of my skin regimen but adding  Bioxidea and eventually committing to the products,  my skin has changed dramatically and has been restored to a naturally revived look and feel.

This summer was all about First times and Mind-blowing experiences.  New York’s  Fashion Week , exploring Manhattan, trying new foods , cocktail parties, little black dresses and visiting Central Park where I worked  on my first photoshoot with renowned Jamaican Photographer Mr.Kaneo Biggs, just a few of the things I got to do in the big NYC. Images of the shoot coming soon!

The excitement elevated  as  the world of  beauty, fashion and new York was exposed to me. My passion as a Beauty Stylist was strengthened and I took in every lesson New York had to teach.

The Bioxidea and Elléments Magazine Fashion event was indeed one of the best experiences . The gift bags were phenomenal and bursting with Bioxidea ‘s amazing products .

The event was definitely not short on entertainment, showcasing young New York designers along with a talented and fun to watch violinist and a well spoken and engaging host! Congratulations to Elléments Magazine and Bioxidea on a succesful Event !

What I’ve tried so far 

Bioxidea cleansing gel

Bioxidea complexion balm

Bioxidea multi emulsion

Bioxidea eye and lip serum

After 2months of use 


Even – previous blemishes  are faded .

Skin Appearance

rejuvenated and Flawless . no open pores here !.

Skin Texture

So much smoother and silkier.

The best place for more information is the Bioxidea website at bioxideausa.com

Treshamae’s Ratings :100 warmed hearts 

Warming hearts ,

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